A bit about my professional adventures- I'm currently branching out in Web Development but have an interest in UX Design and UX Research. From pursuing my master's in Human Computer Interaction, I've grown curious of the ways human factors can influence technology and how technology can influence human behavior. In my current work, I am researching ways to make digital content accessible for all audiences. This is a topic I feel passionately about and have enjoyed learning more about it.

Throughout all of my projects I have utilized a research-based design approach. This means that before any designing begins, data is gathered about the target audience and current trends. This information is then analyzed to find the best design for the target user. I've been involved in several projects that involved this collection of data and have completed usability testing, heuristic evaluations, cognitive walkthroughs, and think-aloud techniques. Because of this, designs are more accurate and reflect the needs/wants of the user as oppose to the developers.

I'm always eager to learn and find myself fascinated with created a better user experience and the multitude of ways to do this. In past projects, I've enjoyed working with a variety of clients to help their digital content and getting familiar with project management while doing so.

Let me know if you have any questions about my work, I'm just an email away.