Teach Green

Teach Green was an application I worked on with a group of other classmates in the Fall of 2018. We utilized a research-based design method that starts out by us discovering an issue. In this case, that issue was a lack of adults recycling correctly. Once we found this issue, we then did research to hone in on the exact problem statement we have. Then we gathered data regarding the current stance of this issue, what others have tried to do to fix this issue, and any other literature surrounding it. We then worked to conduct research in the form of interviews to see if we could learn from by the users directly impacted by this issue. We interviewed adults (over the age of 18) to see what their thoughts were on recycling and why they did or did not recycle.

At the end of our project, we had created a hi-fidelity version of an application for children to utilize in school to obtain more hands-on experience with recycling.

Check it out!