The Office of Equal Opportunity

During my year-long internship at IUPUI as a web developer, I contributed to the re-design of many websites. Our team used a framework called the Web Content Management System (WCMS) in order to complete these re-designs.

Out of the many websites, the one that I took the reins on was the Office of Equal Opportunity. Following an iterative design process, I worked with the office and discussed; what they wanted their website to convey, who they were conveying information too, and how we were going to do it.

Being dedicated and detail-oriented became essential to the success of this project because of the sensitive material discussed. After I completed the re-design the maintenance of the website was placed in the hands of the Office of Communication at IUPUI.

The result was a website that beautifully explained to the users how to seek information and support while maintaining the IUPUI branding standards.

To check out the fresh look of The Office of Equal opportunity, visit their site!